Tech Hacks

Technology makes our lives easier. Technology also makes our lives harder. Here are some great technology hacks to make the irritating and frustrating parts of tech a whole lot better!

Lego it!

Listen, Legos are awesome and we all know it. There’s a reason they’ve reached the levels of adoration they have. When it comes to Legos there are the builders who follow every instruction to a T. Then there are the builders who toss the instruction book out and let their fingers assemble the blocks via inspiration. The tech hacks below are prime examples of using inspiration to solve a key problem of function.


Tidy Tech

We are so connected that we practically have wires coming out of our ears. It’s out of control really. That said, it doesn’t take much more than a couple of absolutely amazing ideas from the minds of really obsessively organized people to make it manageable for even the most tech disheveled of us. These ideas are perfect for keeping those wires in check. And personally, I find that once my wires are out of control the whole organization goes off the rails.

Pump Up The Volume!

We used to have Walkman cassette players, then we had portable CD players, and after a while we graduated to mp3 players. All of these technologies were just the best during their time. We had our music and we had it on the go! Today, most of us store a collection of music on our phones and that’s wonderful too. The thing is, it’s a very solitary experience and frequently music is to be shared. What’s a guy or gal on the go to do when their crew needs to bust a move? You drop that phone into a thick plastic cup and get your groove on. You’ll see this a lot with a solo cup and that’s a great idea but the sturdier the cup the better. It amplifies better and supports the phone better.


Katie Houdek



Macbook Problems

If you use a Macbook you know there are a couple of things that are issues. You might not admit it to a single person on planet Earth but you know this to be true. Here’s a couple of hacks to some of the most problematic of Mac issues. First, those cords are fickle! They will wear out, that is a fact. Protect them with a simple straw! Second, if you use a Macbook for several hours a day you have to admit that you’ve developed that weird feeling on your arms where they rub against the edge of your pretty computer. Fix that with a bit of Sugru! You can create padding of sorts on those edges!


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