How To Build a She Shed

How To Build a She Shed

How to build a She Shed

She shed is really hot right now in the American suburbia, and really, around the world! French especially love them. It’s a perfect way of adding extra living space without building complex home additions. Let’s look at how to expand your home space with an easy-to-build She Shed.

Why Build a She Shed?

You are likely familiar with the concept of a man cave. Typically, it’s a space inside or outside the house that’s dedicated to things that a man prefers doing in solitude. It’s a special place to go away and forget about the daily worries. A She Shed is an equivalent of the man cave, only generally in a more delightful shell. She sheds can be used for crafting, art studio, party room, exercise room, and even a bedroom – whatever is your thing, you can do you in the She Shed. It’s a women’s sanctuary where they forget about their daily worries and have time for themselves.

Photo of Brightoln Garden Shed by Solid Build
Photo of Brihgtoln Garden Shed by Solid Build

The easiest way of building any shed is by purchasing a kit. There are metal shed kits, plastic ones, and wooden. I will only talk about the wooden shed kits because of the following benefits:

  • Wooden sheds have a superior look;
  • Sheds made of wood, especially those with interior and exterior wood finish are the coziest;
  • It is the easiest to install shelving or any decor elements;
  • Wooden sheds don’t warp in the heat;
  • The appearance can be altered and updated regularly to keep your garden fresh;
  • Wood is a renewable resource that can easily be discarded with minimal environmental consequences (make sure the shed wood is harvested sustainably);

The two main reasons why wooden shed kits are an excellent choice for She Shed is the attractive exterior and their versatility. There is so much that can be done to personalize the space! But please note, when I say wood, I mean solid wood, not plywood because it’s made with toxic glue, doesn’t last very long, and it doesn’t look that great either! Let’s talk about the process of building a She Shed of your dreams.

Preparing for a She Shed build: Step 1

It all begins with that pretty shed shell that you can decorate any way you like. And the beauty is, in most areas, detached sheds are not subject to building permits because of their small footprint. However, make sure to check with your local clerk office about permits for sheds. You will at least learn the maximum square footage or height regulations under which you can select an optimal shed size without getting a permit. Otherwise, you may need to tear down your beautiful shed in case you get an unexpected visit from a building inspector! If you do need a permit, take care of that before you buy a shed to avoid any misunderstandings.

Photo of Moderna Garden Shed by Solid Build

Once you have that out of the way, dive into the fun part of choosing the perfect she shed kit! You can now start dreaming about your decorating style and let your creativity shine.

Choosing She Shed Size and Style: Step 2

Now that you know your local building codes and requirements select a shed that meets the criteria. Note, that in some cases the Home Owner Association also has some limitations, so talk to the board as well. Although HOA usually likes to see the images of the proposed construction. When choosing a design, think about what type of activities you plan to have in your she shed.

  • For arts and crafts, you’ll likely want more windows to allow natural light.
  • For a yoga room, you might like more windows at the front, so you can look out at your garden while you’re doing your routines.
  • Maybe you’ll be woodworking in your shed – having functional wall space for shelving is essential.

And of course, your shed must be beautiful!

I would suggest putting your shed in the area that will have some shade at least for some part of the day. Otherwise, you’ll need an AC unit in there. The space is small, so it will warm up very quickly from the sun and may become uncomfortable, especially if you’re exercising or doing other physical activity.

Photo of Brighton Garden Shed by Solid Build

She Shed Assembly and “Nesting”: Step 3

This is the most exciting part about getting a she shed! When you get a shed kit, you also get a chance to assemble it yourself, and that comes with an added bonus of indescribable feeling of accomplishment. So many people worry they won’t be able to put the kit together, but it’s really fool-proof. It is called a Shed Kit for a reason – it’ll have every piece needed for assembly, and after that – it’s a playground for your imagination! Maybe add a “living” roof, or some pretty shingles, paint or stain to make it match your house, or go crazy with color! There’s no wrong choice, your shed is charming as is.

I have assembled so many of these gorgeous wooden shed kits, and every time I am in awe at the end. It smells fantastic, the wooden interior gives this sense of serenity, and when a coat of color goes on, it just blows my mind, how suddenly this shed gets a whole new personality! There is no limit for your creativity, and this shed is a fantastic blank canvas.

A little tip – get friends and neighbors together on the day of assembly and make it a shed raising party! Grill some veggies, pop some cans and have a great time while building your she shed. If you ever feel lonely or sad, go to your lovely She Shed and think of the day you made it happen ❤❤❤

Photo of Bristhol Garden Shed by Francisca Santibanez
Photo of Bristhol Garden Shed by Francisca Santibanez

She Shed and Landscaping: Step 4

Think about how you wish your shed to fit with the flow of your yard or garden. You can make it a center of attention, or incorporate it into the surroundings. Landscaping around your shed is just as crucial as decorating the shed itself. Maybe plant edible plants around your shed so you can walk out and pick your tomatoes, or maybe plant a peach tree so that in a few years, you can reach your hand through the window and pick your fruit. Add flower boxes to the shed windows and fill them with leaping flowers that extend to the ground and the “carpet” of greenery and blossoms loops around your shed. Make your magic! Remember, you are creating a sanctuary. And know that this project does not have to have a deadline. A wooden shed is a living organic thing, so is your garden – continue building and creating Your ultimate space in the years to come.

Photo of Whales Garden Shed by Cindy Wills
Photo of Bristhol Garden Shed by Solid Build

If you need more technical advice, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’ve been helping people choose and build sheds for many years, and it truly is a beautiful creative journey.

About the author:

Igna Minitoas is a consultant for, a company that matches people looking for a sustainable way to add versatile living space to their property with the most suitable wooden sheds. Igna believes that wood, being an organic substance, is the best material for building these intimate spaces as most of our lives, we are surrounded by lifeless plastic.

About Solid Build

Solid Build is a provider of natural wood outdoor garden shed kits and storage shed kits that feature cozy finished interior, elegant design and are easy to assemble. By harnessing innovative technology, we provide our customers with the highest quality and great looking sheds for a competitive price. Our goal is to help you with your storage, hobby, and outdoor needs. We strive to promote our ethically sourced natural wood shed kits to become a nationally recognized product, known for its aesthetic look, durability, and versatility.

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