6 Incredible Kitchen Storage Hacks

Kitchens are the trickiest of all rooms to keep organized. There is just so much to keep track of! Between cookware, utensils, spices and ingredients, the panty (a topic unto itself), and of course all the paper and mail that inevitably finds its way onto your kitchen counters, how could you possibly keep up? Well fret no more, here are 6 incredible kitchen storage hacks to bring all that chaos under control!

1. Crate-tastic Wall Shelving

Turn a blank wall into valuable storage space with vintage (or vintage-looking) wooden crates! Stain the wood to match the rest of your kitchen, and give it a slightly distressed look to capture the vintage vibe. Including a little greenery goes a long way towards making this storage solution absolutely fabulous looking.


Kitchen Upcycle via SortOfFairytale on Hometalk

2. Stovetop Command Station

Keep all your cooking essentials right where you need them, right in front of you! You’ll free up counter and shelf space elsewhere and enjoy the convenience of having everything you need within arm’s reach! Use an old circular pan and magnets for your spices and build the simple wooden shelf using 2x4s.


DIY Kitchen Shelf via Engineer Your Space on Homtalk

3. Handy Hang-it-all

Stop experiencing an avalanche of cookware every time you open your cabinets by inverting an overhead pot hanger. With a few screws and some S hooks you’ll immediately begin feeling the benefits of a more organized kitchen.



DIY Kitchen Hack via DesignDreams by Anne on Hometalk


4. Stunning Spice Storage

Your spices have never looked so good. This chic look is super easy to recreate, you’ll just need small glass jars and some floral wire. Label the spices on top, or on the glass if you have the penmanship. This storage solution looks so gorgeous, everyone will be wondering if it’s real or a work of art!


Spice Solution via Freckled Laundry on Hometalk


5. The Perfect Pantry Organizer

Pick up a simple shoe organizer from your local home goods store, and put it to work in your pantry! The most effective organizer will be one with clear pockets so you can see all the contents. This is the perfect place to gather odds and ends that normally end up cluttering your counters or pantry shelves!


Pantry Pockets via AK Complete Home Renovations


6. Put a Lid on It!

Ah- pot covers. The most awkward, problem causing objects in the kitchen. There just doesn’t seem to be an effective way to store them- until now! Put those handy stick on hooks to good use and finally obtain the organized cabinets of your dream!


Lid Solution via Sew Woodsy on Hometalk


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