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Today’s kitchen remodels are bringing more and more tech into the mix. Appliances are capable of so very much more than in the past and  have become more immersive and interactive as we weave connectivity into our devices. Check out some of these ways to incorporate high tech living into your most demanding space. High Tech kitchens aren’t the wave of the future, it’s happening right now.


We now have single-serve coffee makers that allow us to set the type, strength, temperature, and brew time. A completely customizable cup of coffee with just the most scant of effort. You can get a countertop slow cooker that will bake, roast, brown, and saute! Refrigerators with built in computers that run apps, stream music, and help you organize your family’s busy lives. Ovens that allow you to preheat, adjust the cooking temperature, and alert you when your dish is complete… all via an app you use on your smart phone!

There are also a host of new appliances that actually change the way we cook. The introduction of machines that were previously out of reach for home use have changed the capabilities of what we can accomplish in our kitchens. Sous vide machines and infrared cooktops mean that we’re able to create dishes that were once only possible in the fanciest of restaurants.



While connected appliances may still be a ways away for most consumers, being connected in the kitchen is not. The portability of today’s computing power has meant that those devices have started to be adapted for the ways in which we’re using them. Take, for example, the Sony Xperia® Tablet Z: Kitchen Edition. This device was made specifically for the perils of use in the kitchen. Tablets like these will be the bridge for true kitchen connectivity.

kitchen tablet

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