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It really doesn’t matter what our experience level is when it comes to our yards and gardens, when it all shakes out, we all make mistakes. There are a couple mistakes that are fairly common across the board. Don’t let these three become your garden pitfall.

Fast and Furious

When you buy that first house or move into a new home with a nice big yard the first inclination for anyone with a yellow to green thumb is to start planting. As hard as this might be you need to slow your roll and put the shovel down. When you move into a new environment you’d be much better served to stop and observe that new environment for a time. Actually, try to give it a year before you make any big changes. Take this time to observe what parts of your yard and garden get sunlight. How much sunlight does any specific part of your yard get in the summer or the winter?

Take the time to get to know what you already have. You may have bulbs under that dirt that need to be discovered. Perhaps you have some perennials waiting to reveal themselves. There’s plenty to do in your outdoor spaces that don’t require planting. Take your notes and learn everything you can about the yard you have. Test the soil in different areas learn about what will best flourish in any part of the garden before you even dig one single hole! If you can manage to refrain from making any major changes or adjustments to your yard for a year’s time you’ll have the benefit of having studied each season and you’ll have a much clearer vision of the potential in your space.

Read the Instructions

The instructions aren’t there just to inconvenience you. Planting instructions include all sorts of critical information to help you provide the best circumstances for your plant. Don’t waste your money by improperly planting your various garden beauties. Spacing, planting depth, sun and shade tolerance are all part of the general instructions provided to you when you purchase your plant. Make sure you actually follow them. A hosta might look pretty next to your daylilies but all that sunlight will kill it in short time.

Water Woes

This one can be tricky. First and foremost, it’s important to get water to the roots of your plants especially the new ones that need to get established. You need to be wary to not underwater or overwater your plants. Under watering will prevent your plants from receiving the nutrients they need to survive. Over watering can lead to root rot and a host of other issues. Any way you cut it, water woes can lead to diseases, reduced fruit production, decreased resistance to disease and pests, stunted growth, and ultimately it can lead to plant death. Consider installing a drip system that waters your plants over a period of time which allows water to get to you plants roots. It also makes it much easier on you which helps increase the odds that your plants actually get watered routinely!

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