Heat Loving Plants that Can Withstand a Texas Scorcher!

By Katie Houdek

We’re really in the thick of it down here in Texas these days. The heat is on and it’s not for everyone… or every plant for that matter. Here’s some heat loving plants for your garden that will cut down on your landscape maintenance and your frizzled plant heartbreak.


Celosia is one of the greatest plants ever! They’re one of the most dynamic in appearance both in regard to their shape as well as their color. If you want a vivid pop of color look no further! One of the neatest things about celosia is how dramatically different the varieties can be. The crested celosia that you see in the featured image above resembles beautiful little brightly colored brains and the spiked celosia that you see pictured in this section have a gorgeous feathery appearance. Keep these beauties in the sun and you won’t be disappointed.

Heat Loving Plants - Cockscomb


This is a truly gorgeous flowering vine. It grows and climbs quickly. You can find them with flowers in white, reds, and pinks that will bloom profusely! The vine will climb best on a lattice or similar type structure and you can train it grow as you’d like.

Heat Loving Plants - Mandevilla

Globe Amaranth

You can find these beautiful hardy orbs in multiple colors. They make a wonderful addition to many flower beds and will be a lovely addition to a cut flower arrangement. These heat loving plants will even withstand drought conditions like champs.

Heat Loving Plants - GlobeAmaranth


If you’re looking for lots of color that goes on all summer long like the energizer bunny then impatiens are your flower! There are few things that make a well-manicured landscape shine like some well-packed impatiens. You can plant them in spring and enjoy them until it’s time to swap them out for the mums. They look beautiful in both mono-color and multi-color displays.

Heat Loving Plants - impatiens


Are you looking for something to bring the butterflies and hummingbirds calling? Get some lantana planted. You can find them in red and yellow, as well as lavender. Lantana is a lover of humidity making it perfect for the swampier parts of Texas.

Heat Loving Plants - Lantana


You can’t go wrong with this fantastic must-have for the garden. This versatile plant has sun and shade loving varieties and can make for a spectacular filler plant or even be a garden star in its own right. There’s so many different colors available that you shouldn’t have a hard time finding the perfect pick for your garden. They’ll do well in containers and well-draining flower beds.

Heat Loving Plants - Coleus


Here’s another heat loving plant that is a favorite for butterflies and hummingbirds. Salvia, also known as sage, is super easy to grown and is a favorite for its drought tolerance. You can plant it in both well-drained flower beds as well as containers. What’s also fabulous about salvia is that their frequently ignored by rabbits, deer and other garden decimators.

Heat Loving Plants - Salvia

Moss Rose

Moss Rose is the ultimate when it comes to gorgeous, heat-tolerant ground cover. This heat loving plant is extremely low maintenance and works great in containers as well. And did we mention the colors?! Moss rose will pretty much thrive in all situations and all soil types. Make this a go-to if you’re new to gardening! In a nut-shell, this is one of the best heat loving plants.

Heat Loving Plants - MossRose

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