Selling Your Home - Curb Appeal

First impressions are critical in most of life’s biggest and most important decisions and interactions. Your home is no exception, particularly when selling. There are several things you can do to enhance the odds of it selling quickly and at the price you’re looking to get. From the moment a potential buyer pulls up to your home they’re making judgements and valuations.

Very quickly, your home is becoming more or less valuable in their eyes. Your primary goal as a home seller is to make that potential buyer see themselves in that home. Your success obviously improves when they find greater value than expense. This starts the moment they pull up front. Here’s some great ways to ensure that potential buyers cross the threshold feeling positive.



Keep your lawn mowed, your edges trimmed, and your grass green. If you have to be out there every other day pushing that mower then that’s just what you have to do. Keep weeds pulled. Trim overgrown shrubbery. Plant some flowers for little splashes of color. You may not think that all of these are incredibly necessary but they are. Even though it will require a lot of effort your lawn should look so good that it seems like it’s effortlessly beautiful to a buyer.

Get Cleaning

Go rent a power washer and get that mildew blasted off those bricks. If your home has vinyl siding then get a bucket of soapy water and start brushing and while you’re at it get those windows clean. A potential buyer may honestly not even notice that your house is sparklingly clean but they’ll sure notice if it’s dirty.


A little bit a paint can often go a long way. Consider giving you home a pop by painting your front door. You obviously want to make sure it works for your home but don’t be afraid to step out a bit with a color that gives your home a bit of character.

While you’re at the paint store you might want to pick up a couple more supplies and give the whole house a refresh. If you’ve got the time to paint it you could get the job done for a couple hundred dollars.



Swap out your old porch lamp and door handle for a newer look. Little upgrades like that don’t go unnoticed even when they’re not actively noticed. They help go a long way to giving a buyer an overall positive feeling about your house.

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