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Don’t be Afraid to Design with Kids in Mind.

There’s countless ways you can incorporate child-friendly design without giving away all the outdoor space. Check out some of these ideas for inspiration. Design with the kids in mind and you’ll be existing harmoniously in the great outdoors before you know it!

Build kid spaces into the landscaping. It not only looks more appealing to the eye than the brightly colored traditional play sets but it also gives the kids more room to use their imaginations. It’s also considerably more attractive to look at. When you can incorporate play spaces into the environment in a more organic way everybody wins.


This is great idea for any home but it fits in especially well in urban settings. What’s most exciting about this idea is that it can be incorporated into almost any existing setting. You could easily work this in to most any outdoor environment.


This is an incredibly fun idea that really centers around spending time together in those shared outdoor spaces. It provides the option for shared or individual activity in the same setting. So versatile and so welcoming.


Have you found a great way to incorporate places for the kids in your life to create and explore while you rest and relax? Post pics of your kid-friendly outdoor spaces on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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