Our Top 5 Plants For Your Spring Garden

With the range of hardiness zones across Texas, there are many different warm weather plants that thrive throughout the state. Texas is known for its bright and glorious blooms, and it’s tough to pick favorites. With winter winding down, however, it’s time to get excited for the incredible gardens, flower beds, window boxes, and planters of the upcoming season! Here are the 5 favorite Texas growers that we just can’t wait to see in your spring garden.

California Poppies

Growing in hardiness zones 6-10, California Poppies are a popular and much loved Texas flower. These dainty little guys herald the arrival of spring, and we can’t wait to see them open their colorful faces to the sun.

Texas Red Yucca

Best in hardiness zone 7, these tall stalks lined with red bell-shaped buds are not only a favorite Texas sight, they’re native Texas growers, so they love the natural weather conditions and they’re easy to care for.

Mexican Sage/ Salvia


Mexican Sage via Hometalker Kathy @A Delightsome Life

The Mexican Sage bush, a variety of the much-loved salvia plant, is a wonderful landscape feature in many Texas gardens throughout the year. While many gardeners love it for fall, some have better luck in spring and summer. These ornamental stalks attract hummingbirds and butterflies, and they’re beautiful in indoor arrangements.

Knock Out Roses


Gardening Tips for Roses via Hometalker Marcia

Best in Northern Texas, Knock Out Roses are a bursting, fast growing bush, with a heavenly scent and tons of color. Their blooming season, which can go well into fall, starts in the spring, so get ready to see these fairytale flowers opening up all over the place.


Another favorite spring bloomer, Columbine comes in all different shades and shapes and has a tender stalks which sprout delicate hanging flowers. You can start these beauties from seeds in early spring, and they’re a great way to attract hummingbirds to your garden. Though Columbine has a more limited life span, if left to do so it will self-seed, so it won’t be gone for long!

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