Four AMAZING Subscription Boxes For Natural Beauty And Womanly Bliss

By Ash Stevens

Back in 2010, the Birchbox was launched. In the years since, the subscription box market has exploded. There are subscription boxes for EVERYTHING. Whether it’s organic goods, books, make-up, beauty, or spirituality — there’s a box for that.

As many as there are, you practically have to do science-level research to find the best box for your needs. As for finding a box that actually delivers on these needs… That’s a whole other task!

Fortunately for you, I’ve got outrageously high standards and an equally-outrageous love for high-quality goods. Thanks to my subscription addiction fever, I have subscription boxes I can personally recommend that are worthy of your personal budget.

Pull out those debit cards, ladies! You’ve got some subscription love to buy!


The TheraBox was created by Ting Ting Jiang — a practicing therapist and graduate of the high-ranking University of Southern California. As a practicing therapist and self-professed “happiness and inspiration junkie,” she understands happiness and inspiration on both a personal and scientific level. As a full-time worker and modern day woman, she knew what happened when people threw their needs on the backburner to knock out a neverending to-do list. Thanks to her experiences as a person and as a professional, she learned that self-care and happiness aren’t chores to be put off– they’re supposed to be fun and fabulous parts of daily life. Thus, we have the TheraBox.

TheraBox Subscription Boxes

  • What You Get: Each box includes 4-6 health and wellness products that meet quality standards. Whether it’s their silky sugar scrub or a plant-based candle with natural essential oils, you’ll feel just as good reading the ingredients as when you’re using them — a beautiful perk. Boxes also include a little keepsake with a quote or saying that radiates positivity. They also include happiness-boosting activities to keep you going through the whole month. One of the greatest parts of these activities is that subscribers can join Ting Ting’s exclusive Facebook group where everyone can share their results with the month’s happiness activities. So, you don’t just get a subscription box, you get a whole new community of like-minded ladies. The happiness only gets laid down even thicker thanks to Ting Ting’s regular giveaways.

  • Why It Rocks: All the goodies packed into the monthly TheraBox are things that can be used daily. And they’re products you’ll want to use daily because they make you feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is no coincidence. The products and activities selected for each TheraBox are inspired by scientific research in neuroscience, positive psychology, and mindfulness. So, your TheraBox goodies don’t just make you feel good by looking good and smelling good (although they most certainly do), they get you feeling like a newer, better, and happier you — and that’s priceless. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that all this value comes with a pricetag of only $35.

21 Bundles

If you or your favorite lady is pregnant, then this box is especially for you. The 21 Bundles subscription box caters to pregnant women by delivering a smorgasbord of safe and natural products every month of pregnancy. But the boxes don’t stop at birth. Once baby is born, your 21 Bundle turns into a subscription box for baby! Each and every month delivers a new box of baby-safe natural products inspired by baby’s stage in growth and development.

21 Bundles Subscription Boxes

  • What You Get: Mamas get 4-5 full-sized products, several travel-sized goodies, and then samples for various beauty or cleaning products. All of the products in a box are inspired by the woman’s present month of pregnancy and the complaints joys that accompany it. I received the Month 7 bundle that included a dead sea mud mask, cream facial cleanser, a goji-peptide face cream, and a cleansing mitt (perfect for the pimples and body odor of a sweaty, summer pregnancy). It also included a vacuum-sealed stainless steel water bottle (because a bun-in-the-oven takes lots of water — and also holy, sweaty, summer pregnancy).

  • Why It Rocks: If you’re selective about the ingredients in your beauty products, then you’re probably well acquainted with the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. The work of it has brought consumer awareness to an unprecedented level and it finally made it possible for eco-mamas and natural women to buy products that were scientifically-verified to be safe. It’s hard to imagine natural shopping getting any cooler than that, but it does. All of the products featured in 21 Bundles have an EWG score that’s no higher than 2.  Even with that, all of their products have to be approved by their practitioner panel of health experts. To say that 21 Bundles has high standards is actually a bit of an understatement.
    This is all amazing news for health nuts like myself, but even moms without the organic fever will love this box. All of the products I’ve tried from 21 Bundles deliver amazing results. They don’t feel gross or smell weird or take getting used to. I am picky specific as heck and natural as all get-out, but everything I’ve ever used has met and exceeded my obscenely-high expectations. I’m sure the day will come where a product just gets a “Meh” of approval from me,. But  for every “Meh” I have, I’ll have a long and lovely list of trustworthy products that I know and love.
    Use coupon code THG20 and save 20% on your 21 Bundles subscription. The code is also good for 20% off orders through their sister company

Go Native

This lovely box comes to you straight from Hawaii. Go Native is the baby of Mele Kalama-Kingma. As a Native Hawaiian born and raised in Kailua, Mele grew up around loving grandparents who showed her how to take care of nature, and taught her that sharing love with others is the most important task in life.

Fast forward years later, and Mele is a mother of three and boasts a degree in Nutrition and a Master’s Degree in Native Hawaiian and Indigenous Health. Her personal and education experience gave her a love for health and the earth that led to Mele discovering talented and admirable makers and crafters within her native land. This coupled with her love for the beauty of her Hawaiian culture and the desire to share that love led to the birth of Mele’s company Mamalani in 2012. Years later, Mele brought the Go Native box into the world.

Go Native Subscription Boxes

  • What You Get: Each Go Native box has a different theme, with monthly inspirations like Hawaiian sea salt, Summer Essentials, and Hawaiian moon phases. Whatever the theme, you get 3-6 Hawaiian-crafted products that meet or exceed Mele’s standards in support of Aloha (love for others) as well as Aloha Aina (love for the land). Boxes may also include little tastes of Hawaiian culture — like with July’s moon phase journal Hilo ‘Ia A Pa’a (that’s beautiful Hawaiian for “Braiding A Tight Cord Of Knowledge”).

  • Why It Rocks: Go Native supports a simple and grounded life. All of the products in this box promote natural beauty and environmental health — absolutely outstanding — but beneath all that there’s this incredible spiritual mission that serves as the fuel for each and every box. The products make you feel good, from the tips of your toes to the core of your heart. Also … It’s Hawaii!!! You’re getting Hawaiian products made by Native Hawaiians, and you even get to glean traditional Native Hawaiian knowledge. All of that, plus shipping, for $38. I don’t know what the Hawaiian word for “magical” is, but that’s precisely how I’d describe Go Native.

Honey + Sage Co.

Years ago, Nova Cox was a busy midwifery apprentice and mother of two young boys. She loved her job, but she felt stressed, overwhelmed, and out of balance. She decided to take a break and make time for herself and her family. One day, she was hit with a dream of sending care packages to women that gave them the mental and emotional support needed by today’s woman. With a love for herbs and women’s health, and a heart-burning dream of owning an apothecary, 2015 marked the creation of the Sage Woman’s box. A year later, Nova joined forces with mother and friend and mother Sarah Carlock. Together, they infused Honey + Sage with their womanly productivity and creative powers, and developed a subscription business that calls to the woman’s soul .

Honey + Sage Co. Subscription Boxes

  • What You Get: Every $55 Sage Woman package comes with 3-5 goods designed for women’s wellness through mind, body, or soul. Subscribers also get two products from the Honey + Sage Apothecary that are handmade by Team Nova and Sarah. To top it off, there’s a meditation card that gives women a thought they can use for meditation or inspiration. June’s box featured a hawthorne tonic tincture for the heart and a liquid aloe and helichrysum concoction for sunburns (that  I couldn’t stop using as an AMAZING liquid moisturizer).

  • Why It Rocks: Whether the product is from a featured partner or from Honey + Sage itself, the mission is to deliver organic, ethically-produced, and wildcrafted goods as much as possible. Who doesn’t love that? But I know what ladies love even more, and that’s seeing amazing results. So, you should all know that every single Honey + Sage product I’ve used has delivered clear and silky skin, a radiant glow, or provided me with a new and lovely herbal ritual. I love my Honey + Sage box because all the goodies I get help me to care for my body. In caring for my body, I feel good and look good. This has helped me to develop a whole new appreciation for my body, and it’s gotten me to make a point to take better care of my body, as well as my mind and soul. Honey + Sage’s states that their mission is “better woman + better Earth.” I’m of the opinion that they’re living up to this and then some.

Is there a subscription box you love that should make this list? Tell us all about it in the comments!

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 2.36.46 PMAsh Stevens is a gardener, a writer, and a fan of all things green. Her love for health and sustainability began with her journey into motherhood, and it’s grown exponentially ever since. She’s passionate about living a healthy lifestyle through gardening, cooking, and spending time outdoors. If she isn’t writing or reading up on exciting green trends, she’s probably playing Connect Four or swimming in the river with the kids. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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