Dear Santa

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Are the kiddos getting antsy yet? Are they counting the days, hours, minutes, seconds? Time flies by in the blink of an eye, unless you’re a kid and Christmas is on its way. Here are a couple of things you can give your little ones to keep them happy and busy while they burn some time off the clock until Jolly Saint Nick arrives!



Dear Santa

Stop trying to get their minds off of Santa. It’s not going to work. Instead use it to your advantage and get them to write a letter to Santa. Here at Texas Home and Garden we created this form your kids can complete and send to the big guy. This letter will help your kids remember to be thankful for gifts they’ve received in the past. It also encourages them to be mindful of those in need around them. Encourage your kids to think of others during this season of giving. Click on the image to download a PDF version you can print out and give to your kids.


Naughty or Nice

Have your kids think about all the ways they’ve been naughty and nice this year. It’s probably eye opening for all of you. Maybe that little scamp Timmy has been doing good deeds all around town and you didn’t even have a clue. Maybe Susie has a less than sweet side that might come to your surprise.

Color Away

When all else fails click on the picture below and print out this coloring sheet to let their artistic side show! And for new great coloring sheets every other week sign up for our newsletter!




Santa Claus is Coming…

Above all, you have precious few years where you can consistently remind your rug rats that Santa knows just who’s been naughty and nice. Use them well.


Dear Santa - Naughty or Nice

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