Giving Back to the Community

Featured Photo: Members of the Remodelers council taking a break from renovations at Sonrise Shelter.

Most of us have experienced a garage sale, whether we’ve done one ourselves or we have been out searching for bargains. The Remodelers Council Garage Sale adds an additional element – all the proceeds go to charity and provide help in our community. Members of the Greater Houston Builders Association Remodelers Council have donated products that will be sold at the 7th Annual Garage Sale to be held at the Texas Home and Garden Show on September 20th and 21st.

The money raised from this sale will be used to fund the Remodelers Council charity project in 2015. The 2014 project entailed renovations at Sonrise Shelter, a private, faith-based nonprofit that provides solution-based ministry and assistance to the homeless and near homeless in the Houston metro area. The project at Sonrise shelter was chaired by Ryan Boyles of GB General Contractors. Previous projects have included renovations at the Open Door Mission. Epiphany Community Health Outreach Services (ECHO), SIRE Therapeutic Equestrian Center and Santa Maria Hostel.


On Saturday, October 26th, 2013 the GHBA Remodelers Council held their 2013 Charity Project work-day. Dozens of Remodeler Council members spent the day renovating a transitional home for the Open Door Mission. The Council’s work with the Open Door Mission will help open the door to a better future for men who are working hard to re-build their lives.

This year’s Garage Sale is chaired by Frank Gullo of Gullo Construction and co-chaired by Larry Abbott of Abbott Contracting. Larry also chaired the committee in 2013. In speaking about his role as the chairman for this year, Frank Gullo said “I’ve been a member for a couple of years and this is helping me to get to know other members”, he added that the obvious reason he chose to do this is to “help out, to raise funds which will help the organization and community.”

Larry Abbott has been volunteering on garage sales and the community projects for 10 years. He said he enjoyed organizing the project from gathering the donations, though presenting and selling the products at huge discounts and then using the money for a local inner city charity.

When it comes to the projects, Larry has not only participated personally, but has only taken some of his crew and teenage son to volunteer at various projects. Larry said he wants to show his son about giving to the community. He said, “I like that our support stays local; the community supports us and we want to support the community.” Excerpts of an interview Larry did last year can be found on his website.


June 2012 – Renovations on the Epiphany Community Health Outreach Services facility in southwest Houston

Gonzalo Garcia, president of JRG Builder and Remodelers and current president of the Remodelers Council said “It gives me satisfaction to know I am giving back to the people in need.” Jim Nowlin, president of Remodeling Concepts has participated in 7 – 8 projects. He said, “The reason I do it is because it allows me the opportunity to give back. Houston has been good to me and people need it – it’s about the people we help and the organization.” John Pedersen, president of Anthony Renard Remodeling said that he enjoys working with other professionals in the industry and seeing the results of the volunteer efforts.


2011: SIRE Therapeutic Equestrian Center

Tom Pellegrin, president of Third Coast Builders has been working on various charity projects for 10 – 12 years and chaired the 2012 project. He said “I don’t necessarily remember who we did them for, but I remember working with other remodelers working for a common goal, shoulder to shoulder and also learning from each other.” He added that “the chairperson tends to get emotionally attached to the charity.” Tom told the story of a young man being given boots by one of the volunteer workers. The young man told the volunteer that he liked his boots and wished he had some. The volunteer took his boots off, gave them to this young man and went home in his socks. The next month representatives from the charity and the young man came to a Remodelers Council meeting to thank the group – the young man proudly wearing his new boots.

John Gillette, president of Craftsmanship by John has chaired 2 projects and worked on 8 others over the years. In addition John and his crew have volunteered in many other community projects. When asked why, John said, “I believe I have been blessed with so many gifts – I want to give back and help others that may be experiencing tough times.” He also pointed out that sometimes people are temporarily in need and our help can make it big difference in their lives.


2010 RMC Charity Project – Project Independence Santa Maria Hostel

Whether you are looking for a bargain or simply want to help the Remodelers Council, we invite you to attend.

GHBA_RCThe Remodelers Council of the Greater Houston Builders Association is an organization of remodelers and industry professionals. We are dedicated to the promotion of excellence and professionalism within the industry, and public awareness of the Remodelers Council. We achieve this through education, certification and service to the membership, industry and the community. Members of the Remodelers Council give back to the Houston community by participating in an annual charity project. The Remodelers Council holds an annual Garage Sale at the September Texas Home and Garden Show with proceeds going to their local charity project. To join the council or to find a professional remodeler in your area, please visit the GHBA website.

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