Low Maintenance Dallas Native Plants

Low Maintenance Dallas Native Plants

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By Kristina Phelan

It is hard enough to keep up with weeding during the warm Dallas summers let alone having to spend a lot of extra time tending to plants. Choosing low maintenance native plants for your outdoor space or garden will help to alleviate stress and save you time working under the hot summer sun. These plants will do well in the Dallas area:

Desert Savior

This tailored leaf succulent is native to the area and does well with little to no maintenance whatsoever. The plant enjoys partial to full sun and is commonly used in rock beds or containers. It thrives in dry desert climates and is a beautiful shade of light green leaves with light purple edging. The Desert Savior blooms during the summer months and is a great addition to a low maintenance area of your garden or patio container. It would do best in an area that receives good drainage and a little bit of shade.

Agave Americana

This very large evergreen makes a great focal point for any low maintenance garden area. It features blue-green foliage and has many yellow blooms once it reaches maturity. The Agave Americana can do well in containers as well and enjoys full sunlight. The plant itself can grow up to 12 feet tall so make sure that you have enough space for this extra-large perennial.  The Agave Americana can tolerate light shade but should be protected from cold winter temperatures.

Santa Rita Prickly Pear

This succulent shrub is a beautiful addition to any Dallas garden. The Santa Rita Prickly Pear is a kind of cactus that offers colorful round pads that turn a deep purple color in winter.

Santa Rita Prickly Pear

Santa Rita Prickly Pear

The rich purple hue also is shown if the plant is in direct sunlight or has experienced drought. The Santa Rita Prickly Pear has spines but also produces a small fruit that attracts area birds. It usually grows 6-8 feet tall and does best in full sun or light shade. It can do well in any kind of soil as long is the soil is well draining. It is also resistant to disease and will do best just left alone to soak up the sun in your outdoor space.

Cast-Iron Plant

This hardy evergreen, also known as Aspidistra Elatior, is a glossy perennial that does well when neglected. It features cream colored lobes of flowers that tolerate low light and irregular watering. It can tend to bleach if left in full sun so this plant would do best in a container on a covered patio area or underneath a large tree. The Cast-Iron Plant doesn’t have many issues with insects, but may become bruised by animals or rodents. Overall, this low maintenance plant would be hard to mess up in any Dallas landscape.

Purple Coneflower

This beautiful plant is extremely hardy and is a native plant for the Dallas area. The Purple Coneflower does well in soil but can also be used in containers.

The Purple Coneflower

Purple Coneflower

Plant in well-drained soil during the fall and small green leaflets will appear in spring to grow into a mature and subtle splash of color. The Purple Coneflower will do best in full sun, but can tolerate partial shade. The daisy-like flowers bloom throughout summer and will continue to expand every year. Flower heads can be left to go to seed and will grow into a low maintenance colony.

Plants native to Dallas will be the best low maintenance options for your garden or outdoor space. Choose plants that enjoy the hot summer months and full sun that need little to no attention throughout the year. Consider these great low maintenance options to add beauty and natural species to your garden this year.

Kristina Phelan is a freelance writer and her parenting column, Mama Bear Moxie, is printed in a few newspapers across the country. She lives on a farm in the Midwest with her husband, three kiddos, and too many animals.

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