15 Ways to Make Your First Month Easier

Moving into a new home is no joke. After the stress of transferring all your beloved household items, you now have to take on the task of decorating, collecting important phone numbers, making friends with neighbors, stocking up your fridge, etc. It can seem like a never-ending list. But don’t worry because we’re here to teach you 15 ways you can make your first month in your new home easier.

1. You don’t have to do everything

Look, you don’t need to get everything done. Don’t put pressure on yourself to do all the things. Do you really need to repaint those walls now? The beauty of a home is that it takes time to make it your own. You can add things to your home over time, and yes, that can include something as major as paint color. Not everything is going to fall apart if you don’t do that one thing or all those things. Relax and take it done a day at a time.

2. Make friends with neighbors

You don’t have to throw an elaborate meet and greet party. Just go outside for a walk and take every chance to chat up your neighbors. Introduce yourself and get to know them.

3. Ask for important information

While befriending your neighbors, take this opportunity to get references for doctors, schools, pharmacies, etc. They know the place best so they can give you these references easily without second thoughts.

4. Place routine things where they belong

Get a sense of familiarity in your new home by immediately unpacking and placing your most important everyday items where they belong such as your toothbrush, pillows, shoes, and vitamins.

5. Get into your routine

The fastest way to get settled is by going about your day in your new home doing your regular routine. The sooner you can do this, the more settled you will feel.

6. Treat yourself

When you catch yourself feeling anxious or overwhelmed because of the move, take this time to treat yourself. Nothing retail please. Just do something as lighting your favorite candle or soaking in a warm bath.

7. Secure your home

You want to rest easy at night so make sure that all locks are working. Previous homeowners can still have copies of the home keys so if you must, have the door locks changed. You may also want to consider getting a home warranty which ensures your home’s most important appliances and systems.

8. Map out the area

Whip out Google maps and take this time to study the area. It helps to know how the streets are arranged and which direction you need to go for the things you need.

9. Check homeowner association rules

Don’t dream up that dream patio just yet. Make sure to check what your home association rules are to make sure you are not breaking any of them. Some HOA rules can be very strict so you need to know ahead of time.

10. Safe important documents

Aside from your basic items, you should be unpacking important document as well so they don’t get lost in the pile. Transfer these documents to a secure place where you can access them easily when needed.

11. Consider a priority list

Make a list of items to unpack from most important to least important. This makes the task feel less overwhelming.

12. Make room for the other stuff

If your house has a spare room, consider using that room as a catch-all for your unpacked boxes. That way, you can continue with your daily routine without getting distracted.

13. Go to one new place every weekend

Every weekend, make it a point to visit someplace new with your family whether it’s a park or restaurant nearby. This is a great way to get acquainted with a new area.

14. Talk to a friend

If you’re feeling a little blue from the transition, consider talking to a friend. It’s comforting talking to someone close to you and it might just be what you need to feel safe in your new home.

15. Enjoy your new home

Last but not least, enjoy your home. You worked hard for this and it’s something worth celebrating. Which of these tips did you find the most helpful? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

About The Author

Kristina Marshall is a stay-at-home blogger. After having kids, she began sharing some of my DIY tricks for around the house with people in the community. She actually started answering some questions on Yahoo and Quora, now she writes full articles on tips for around the house, lifestyle tips, etc.

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