Big Ideas for Small Kitchens

Not every home sports a palatial kitchen. In fact, many kitchens are on the small size and every day maneuvering can be a bit tricky. Here are a few ideas that will help you make your small kitchen feel less cramped and a lot more functional.

Open Up

One of the first things you should investigate is whether or not you can open up that space and create a space that feels larger. If you can allow your kitchen to open into your living/family or dining rooms you might find that you’ve dramatically increased the feel of space even if you’re actually still working with the same practical space. You can separate the kitchen from the other room by painting the walls different colors and by doing that you create a visual delineation while still allowing your kitchen space to feel larger.


Especially small kitchens should look into downsized appliances. While you might not be able to cook that big family turkey at Thanksgiving it will make everyday life a lot easier when you have more workable space in your kitchen. Downsizing your appliances will afford your space more cabinets or even just general open space that will increase the functionality and openness of your kitchen.

Keep it Light

You can make your kitchen feel much bigger by keeping to light and neutral colors. Using dark colors will make your space feel cramped and dark. So while it may be fun to be bold in the kitchen it might also be a bit beyond your reach if you have a small kitchen. Look to lighter flooring and countertops options and keep your cabinets light as well. You could even install one or two glass-front cabinets for a dramatic effect that really helps increase the visual space.


Lighting is incredibly important in any kitchen but it’s especially crucial in a small one. Using the right combination of lighting will dramatically improve the feel of the place. Natural lighting when possibly can do wonders. Supplement with the right kind of overhead and drop lighting. Install lighting fixtures underneath cabinetry to light up the countertops and backsplash.


One of the biggest things you can do to make your kitchen space feel less cramped is to clear out all the clutter. Make sure that your countertops aren’t covered with lots of little knickknacks and small appliances. Only keep out the items that you use several times a week and put everything else away. A visually clean space feels much larger than one that’s cluttered up. Even a large kitchen can feel cramped when there are too many things out on the counters.


Storage space is the key to a functional small kitchen. Keep on the lookout for functional organization techniques and products. You never know when you might find something that works just right for your small space. If it’s possible, install cabinetry to works to greatly increase your storage options.

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