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Image1When it comes to organizing a closet, most homeowners feel they just don’t have enough room. During a bathroom remodel, I am often asked to peek into their messy closet and help find a solution. Usually, shoes and purses are scattered on the closet floor and it is difficult to find items. Older homes may have two-three rods where four rods would better fit the needs and space. Even new homes are often built with just the basics, unless the owner requests an upgrade.

When we review the closet space, I look at where the rods and shelves are located. Not every closet needs more square footage. It is quite possible to reconfigure the existing shelves and rods to better accommodate the needs of the owner. We can better utilize the shelf space for shoes, purses and folded items. Sometimes, one long rod would hold long dresses when the owner would prefer two rods for shorter length items.

closet-shoe-shelvesWhen a client does want to expand the actual closet space, a ceiling fur-down may be removed, adding height to the room. Raising rods actually gives more room in the existing closet, by including additional shelving. Walls between two closets could be removed and the closet reconfigured for more space. One client had us combine two small closets and asked for enough shelving for 100 pairs of shoes. Stationary shelves were spaced close together and all shoes were visible and neatly arranged. Another client needed more rod space, so we removed the fur-downs on either side of the closet, installed shelving around the top of the closet perimeter and additional rods.

Larger closets offer many options for organization, from built-ins for dressers to free-standing mirrors, seating and custom furniture looking finishes. You may choose shoe cubbies, jewelry drawers, locked cabinets and various partitions. There are many specialty closet companies offering to customize your space and these can offer a wide variety of accommodations. Or you could work within the existing space and rearrange the shelving and rods for a nominal fee with a remodeler.

closet-custom-furniture-155x300Here are some helpful hints in working with your existing closet space:

  • Get rid of items not worn within the last year. You won’t miss it.
  • Use the same style clothes hangers for all clothes, allowing for more space. There are thin hangers that will hold pants as well as shirts and dresses. They use up less space than bulky hangers.
  • Store out-of-season clothes in the back of the closet or on upper rods.
  • Hang the shorter items together, on either the upper or lower rods, allowing for more visibility.

An objective eye can offer some ideas and you may find additional design help through various online sources, such as Houzz.


Kathi-FleckKathi Fleck and her husband Don created LoneStar Property Solutions in 2007. Their goal was to provide their clients with a great remodeling experience: high quality workmanship, reasonable rates, and exceptional customer service.  When Kathi isn’t managing her clients’ dream projects she’s busy teaching classes on remodeling for homeowners and helping them understand the process of undertaking a remodel and how to coordinate all of the elements. Kathi also writes articles several times a month related to remodeling and you can find those articles on the LoneStar Property Solutions website.  You can check out Kathi and LoneStar Property Solutions on Facebook, Twitter, and Houzz!


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