Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring is officially upon us! The days are getting longer and the Sun is shining down. It has a habit of really highlighting the areas of our homes that haven’t gotten a throughout scrub down in quite some time. Here’s some tips for spring cleaning to help get your home in sparkling in no time!

Don’t Overlook

There are many places in your home that are easy to overlook when it comes to cleaning. Your doorknobs, cabinet pulls, and light switches are some of these areas. These areas are often touched and the grim can really build up. Not to mention that viruses can often survive for hours on these surfaces. Give these germ laden surfaces a nice scrubbing when you undertake your spring cleaning rituals.


Another area that is often overlooked is your kitchen drain and garbage disposal. To get the job done pour about a half of a cup of baking soda down the drain and follow it with about a cup of vinegar. Let the ol volcano do its work and leave it alone for about ten minutes. When the time has passed run hot water down the drain for about a minute. When you’ve got all of that done drop a couple of slices of lemon down the drain and run the disposal. Your disposal will be clean as a whistle and your kitchen will smell like lemons!


Squeegees to the Rescue!

Did you know that a window squeegee can be a brilliant tool in helping pet lovers keep their furniture and carpet clean of that pet hair? Use the squeegee to rake up the hair on your couch, chair, or even carpet. Vacuum after you’ve raked up most of the hair. Without nearly the fuss of other methods your home will once again be welcome to your pet allergy pals!


Get the Right Cleaning Agent

We’ve written about Homemade Cleaners and How to Use Them but sometimes you really need to employ the big guys. Make sure you’re using products that are safe on your counter tops and surfaces.


Newspapers can be for more than reading and staying up to date! Use those newspapers for drying a window you’re cleaning and you’ll leave no streaks behind! The lack of lint ensures that you won’t leave behind little particals behind to ruin all your hard work!


Remember these tips when your tackling your spring cleaning projects! What tips do you have for spring cleaning? Tell us in the comments below!

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