We've Solved Your 7 Greatest Kitchen Pantry Problems!

Kitchen pantries are one of the most overlooked spaces in your home, but if you know how to use it right, your kitchen pantry could be making your life a whole lot easier every day. If you think that space is just for food storage, you’re mistaken! Kitchen pantries can add decor and much-needed organization to your kitchen, not to mention other exciting perks. What’s holding you back from getting the most out of your pantry? Find your pantry problem below and check our answers to help you solve it!

1. Problem: Ugly Containers and Cartons

Solution: Use Glass Jars

If you have open shelving or a doorless closet, using classy glass jars for your food storage will help you keep grains and cereals fresh, and will also add varied color and texture to your kitchen design. Uniform jars create a beautifully ordered effect, while different shapes and sizes are better for storage different varieties of dry food.


2. Problem: Thing’s Don’t Fit

Solution: Create Clear Storage Sections

Build your pantry in a way that provides you with all the specified storage space you need. Use tall, thin spaces for pans and trays, narrow, deeper spaces for cookbooks, wider, shorter spaces for cans and jars, and so on. Sectioning up your pantry space will make locating what you need hassle-free, and arranging things by shape and height will give your kitchen pantry a clean, orderly appearance.

3. Problem: Items are Hard to Reach

Solution: Install Pull-Out Drawers


DIY Pantry Transformation via Hometalkers Jacque and Matt @The DIY Village

Sometimes, tucked away storage is more of a hassle than a help. As much as you want your supplies out of the way most of the time, when you need them, it’s tough to locate what you’re looking for. Installing pull out drawers can instantly solve that problem. Have your food stuffs at the ready, but roll them away when they’re in the way.

4. Problem: Too Many trips to the Pantry

Solution: Well-Labeled Jars and Bins

Do you take at least five trips to the pantry every time you decide to bake or cook anything? For a quick way to keep key ingredients together, pick up some hard plastic containers and trays and some bold sticky labels, to create clear areas and organizers for all your cooking needs. Keep baking supplies, snacks, and mixes in their proper places, so that you don’t have to rummage around to find what you need.

5. Problem: It’s Too Dark In There!

Solution: Paint it White

This one is a great trick for any dimly lit space in your home. To brighten corners and light up your space, give your pantry a white paint job, so that you’re not straining your eyes to see what you’ve got. This is an especially helpful hint if you have deep shelves and storage corners.


6. Problem: It’s Tough to Keep track of Supplies

Solution: Hang a Chalkboard and Calendar


Ever sort through empty containers to assemble a shopping list or leave the grocery and realize you’ve forgotten something? Well, you won’t ever again! Hang a chalkboard to wipe-off board inside your pantry door, to easily keep track of what you’re running low on and what you’ll need each week. This is also a great place to list a weekly menu, so that you can start off your week with the supplies you need and save yourself multiple trips to the store.

7. Problem: I Have Too Much Space

Solution: Add Some Perks (Lucky You!)

If you’ve got all the storage space you need and your open pantry looks sparse and sad, there are some great ways to add excitement. Line your empty shelves with beautiful dishes and bowls to add some kitchen color, arrange some food-themed pictures, or even place some tiny succulents in there to add texture. The all-time best pantry perk, though? turn extra kitchen pantry space into a cute coffee station, so that the you automatically associate your kitchen pantry with a happy morning pick-me-up!

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