Playoff Parties

Life is full of good times and the spring offers numerous opportunities to flex your entertaining muscles. One of the biggest ongoing events this time of year are the NBA and NHL playoffs. With so many rounds, and so many games, the playoffs present endless possibilities for good times. So get ready to show your pride for your team and spread the word, it’s the season for playoff parties!

Pick Your Game

Both the NBA and NHL play “Best of Seven” rounds. You have plenty of games to choose from. Some games are more intense and important than others and sometimes a Sunday afternoon trumps any sort of game number significance. The best thing about throwing a little playoff shindig is that your theme is already decided. Get on out there and pick up some team specific plates and cups from your local party store and you’re halfway there!

A Menu That Can’t Be Beat!

If you’re lucky, your favorite team comes from a city with some solid culinary traditions. If you’re a fan of the Montreal Canadiens then set your spread with a Poutine bar and some Molson’s. San Antonio Spurs fans will be delighted with puffy tacos and Shiner Bock and deep dish spinach and sausage with Goose Island will make any Chicago Blackhawk fan perfectly content.

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Sweet Taste of Victory!

Get festive with some snazzy, league appropriate, Pinterest-inspired desserts! Check out these sweet treats. From basketball cookies to mini Stanley Cup cakes, be true to your team and you can go wrong! You can go overboard and build your own chocolate fountain or go with a classic sugar cookie adorned with your team’s colors.

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