Redesigning Your Home after a Flood

By Lorraine Hart of Ideal Consulting Services, Inc.

When your home has been damaged from a flood or other natural disaster, there may be a silver lining. You now have the opportunity to make the changes you’ve always wanted to your home and strengthen it against future weather damage.

If you haven’t been planning to remodel, you may not be aware of the options. Now you have a chance to re-imagine your home’s interior space. You can take the opportunity to completely transform your home’s layout.

David Norman of Caliber Construction Group / Certified Restoration says:” Disasters involving water are detrimental to wood floors and carpeting. Carpeting may be able to be dried out and wood floors may not have been completely damaged or have “cupping” which may be able to be repaired. However, it might be time to replace your floors with decorative concrete or stone which will be more durable should another flood occur. Having hard surfaced flooring is a popular and timeless look.”

Stacy Argo of A-Plus Glass says “Take this opportunity to redesign your layout so it is more open and has a better flow from room to room. You now may be able to update your kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms with the latest features, finishes and styles. If you need to remodel bathrooms, it is a good time to consider universal design to ensure your home meets the needs of all people. Universal design includes features such as: curb-less, walk-in showers, grab bars, shower benches and non-slip flooring which will be helpful if aging parents visit or move in. Consider widening all of your doorways to accommodate wheelchairs. This will also help increase resale value of your home. Also consider adding frameless shower doors to your master bathroom. Not only are frameless shower doors more elegant, they’re easier to clean.”

Dan Marshall of Innovative Skylights says “If your home has areas that feel dark and unwelcoming, consider adding skylights and sun tunnels. Utilizing skylights will allow natural light and fresh air in, and make your space feel more open and larger. Sun tunnels will brighten up dark spaces by introducing natural light to areas of the home that would normally not receive any outside light.”

“Often a home does not need more space – just better space, something which an interior reconfiguration can greatly improve. By re-arranging the space, remodelers can create spaces that work well for you and your family such as a media room, home office, laundry room or master, walk-in closet” says Shawn Vacek of Remodelers of Houston.

Although this is an unexpected home remodel, and it may seem that life will never get back to normal, you and your family can end up with a home that is better than ever.

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