The Design–Build Approach to Remodeling

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As consumers we all have embraced the big box retail stores with “everything under one roof” to save time and money. Design-Build is the home remodeling equivalent – where all aspects of your remodel are under one roof. When it comes to home remodeling, working with a Design Build company has numerous benefits to you, as a consumer.

The more traditional pattern of the remodeling process involves meeting with three separate companies: the architect or design firm, the engineering firm and the contractor. Shawn Vacek of Remodelers of Houston says “Design Build is a “one-stop shopping” approach to remodeling, which moves seamlessly through three stages of interpreting the client’s vision, developing that vision into a buildable project and building the project as promised.  This process minimizes the time investment and inconvenience for you. Furthermore, this customer-oriented fusion of professional design and construction expertise offers our clients greater savings and greater control over the final outcome.”


Remodeled Kitchen by Remodelers of Houston. Photo courtesy of Remodelers of Houston.

Keep in mind whenever you embark upon any Design Build remodeling project you need to plan ahead.

Mike Arnett of Doing What’s Right Construction says “Preparing for a remodeling project is a lot like buying a car. You know the room and style that you want, but the specifics that you choose may have a higher price than you can afford. Save money by planning ahead. Go through the design process first and choose everything you want to include in the new room(s), from appliances to light fixtures. This will define your budget and prevent hasty (and costly) decisions later in the project. Be sure to include all your product and material selections in the contract to avoid confusion and unnecessary change orders. Include the model, size, color, and other specifications. It is also wise to save 10-20 percent of your budget to allow for items added to the scope of work.”

When choosing a Design Build Firm your designer and contractor are on the same team. This collaboration helps to streamline the project, therefore the project can be completed in a more timely manner as well as more cost effectively.

According to Jack Knowlton of Envision Design Build “The right design will not only enable you to enjoy your home more now, it will also enable you to remain in your home longer.  When you are starting to plan a project, decide which areas of your home need updating, determine your budget and contact a building designer who has remodeling experience.  Your building designer will be able to help you formulate a master plan, using your budget to create your vision.”


Remodeled Interior by Envision Design Build. Photo courtesy of Envision Design Build.

The coordinated and cohesive approach of Design Build has the added benefit of creating a “seamless” finished project – the blending of old and new.

John Gillette, of Craftsmanship by John believes that “every addition must look fabulous while keeping the design integrity of the original house.  We use a 3D modeling program which allows you to visualize each phase of your project.  This fast, efficient tool allows for quick changes which saves you time and money allowing you to stay within the budget you desire.”


3D Computer Kitchen Rendering by Craftsmanship by John. Photo courtesy of Craftsmanship by John.


3D Computer Kitchen Rendering by Craftsmanship by John. Photo courtesy of Craftsmanship by John.

For many people, a renovation or addition is a once-in-a-lifetime experience requiring a substantial investment.  Selecting qualified remodeling professionals who can simplify the remodeling process and deliver home improvement value is vital for the success of this experience. The Design Build process allows you to accomplish all of your goals under “one roof” and save time and money because of the efficiencies of the process.

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