Rebuilding After Harvey

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By Larry Abbott, Abbott Contracting

You are all cleaned up, drying out and waiting for your adjuster… Get a file folder, note pad or computer/phone for recordkeeping. Having everything organized in one place will make it much easier.

Be sure to put a price value on everything.  If you don’t remember the value or have a receipt, Google it or find the item or a similar one on Craig’s List or EBay.

As difficult as this process may be, where possible try to view this as an opportunity to remodel to make you home more to your liking.  For example, while walls are open think about adding things like an electrical outlet where you may have always wanted one.

Upgrade your insulation for better energy saving properties, considering installing a high grade of sound barrier insulation for noisy situations. It’s an opportunity to install the latest of the best available insulated windows or nice-to-haves such as surround sound.

It’s not too early to pick out cabinet designs; your old style may not even be available or easily duplicated. This goes for paint colors also, start considering.  Please note if your lower cabinets were damaged, most likely only those cabinets damaged will be covered by insurance. Speak to your remodeler to find out more.

Courtesy of Abbott Contracting

There are new flooring options that maybe weren’t around when you moved in or updated the house. You can now find some fantastic affordable LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) flooring that simulate; wood, tile, stone, etc. If your house is likely to take on water in the future you may consider a more invincible flooring such as porcelain tile or stone. You might want to consider a less expensive approach such as carpet or carpet tiles.

Ask your prospective contractor about his work force.  Some contractors may be signing up so many jobs that they can’t possible manage them. Find out if the contractor has project managers to supervise jobs and ask how many jobs each project manager is responsible for.

In some cases you may want to just bite off a little at a time. Get the most important things done first (clear out & air out), then move to the next phase. Although it is reassuring to have one person or contractor to handle the entire job, move forward with caution using your professional contractors to guide you.

Lastly practice deep breathing-  this ride could take up to 6 months to “get ‘er done!”

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