Secrets of a Stress-Free Remodeling Project

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By Mike Arnett, DWR Construction

The process of remodeling is often associated with a certain amount of stress, which is expected. But there are some steps that you can take ahead of time to make sure your project is as stress-free as possible, and even rewarding. The first and most important step is hiring a reputable, professional remodeling contractor who you feel comfortable working with and who presents you with the assistance and information you need.

Some steps in the remodeling process are more challenging than others, but finding the right contractor will help. Every good project starts with proper planning – a smooth project will always have a solid plan in place.


Remodeled Kitchen
Photo courtesy of DWR Construction


This step may be rough in the beginning, but it’s the only way to guarantee the rest of your project goes smoothly. Before beginning your project, get an idea of a budget and timeframe needed to complete the work. Do preliminary research on the types of products and materials you are looking to use. When you meet with your contractor, discuss your goals, priorities and expectations. You and your contractor should review all the details of the project, including things like where your pets will be and what time your children come home from school. No detail is too small!


Remodeled Sunroom
Photo courtesy of DWR Construction


Gather inspiration and ideas on how you want your space to look. Taking the time to work on design will help the project stay on budget and help to meet the timeline. Some remodeling companies also offer the services of a designer. This is a benefit to you because having design and construction services under one roof allows for better communication and a more efficient and trouble free project.


Remodeled shower
Photo courtesy of DWR Construction


Sticking to the original plan is desirable but more than likely there will probably be some changes during the remodeling process. Stay in communication with your remodeler to minimize the negative impact on your family and home as it relates to the construction process. Keep your eye on the prize and try to enjoy watching your dream design turn into a reality.

A responsible remodeler will help you maximize your investment and prioritize your needs. Proper planning will help you manage costs, minimize headaches and maximize the enjoyment of your project.


Remodeled Bathroom
Photo courtesy of DWR Construction


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