Spring Clean Your Yard!

Breath of Fresh Air

It’s that time of year when everything begins to turn green and the scent of fresh air reflects new blossoms.   There is also the encounter of wild flowers like the Texas blue bonnet and the Indian paint brush; these are flowers I look forward to viewing every spring.  Throughout the state there is much to explore and within our own environment there is much to be accomplished.

Jazz Up Trees!

For many of us spring is a time when new projects begin and it’s also time to clean up the yard or outside spaces.   I’m located in North Texas where we experience all types of weather and clean up seems to be ongoing.  Lately it’s been a lot of broken limbs and falling pine cones, which normally accumulate to burn piles.  This year I decided it was time start using up some of this natural material in my landscaping.

Jazz Up Trees

Tree trunks make a great border around a living tree.  You can plant a nice combination of flowers or herbs around the base or you can do what I did and fill it up with Pine cones and rust.

Annuals and Vintage

Spring is also a time to spread your wings and discover what’s around you.  Reuse items that are laying around or even clean out the garage to see what you might have over looked.  I love all things vintage especially when it involves enamel cookware.  The bright white is fantastic when you add colorful annuals; it really makes a statement and a perfect way to lighten up a dull area.  This display sits near my front door and makes me smile every time I walk by.

Annuals and Vintage

Wood and Hardware

You might even have some goals to accomplish this season like the idea of planting an edible garden?  Think of it, growing your own food in your back yard.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?  I can tell you first hand it really is grand, knowing where your food comes from is fantastic and the flavor will leave you with something to talk about for days.  If a garden is in your planning and you don’t know where to start then begin with something small and plant what you like to eat.  Creating raised beds is easier than you think and a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Wood and Hardware

Let your spring cleanup be a reflection of your own creativity, so when you pull in your driveway next time you can say, “I did that!”  Or “wow that table looks better with a fresh coat of paint.”  Let your home be an example for the neighborhood and perhaps others may follow.

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CaroleWestCarole West is the founder and writer of GardenUp Green. She’s been gardening since she was a small child, learning from her Italian grandmother. Carole shares her all natural gardening techniques and projects on GardenUp Green so that readers can learn, discover, and be inspired. Carole has been putting together patio gardens and backyard escapes and has even ventured into small scale farming. She’s the co-founder and a farmer for North Texas Luffa. Her greatest reward comes from her family. Their love and understanding has helped her build an amazing and creative life! Check out GardenUp Green on Facebook, Hometalk, and Pinterest.

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