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You may be thinking of replacing your tub and wonder which one to put in your bathroom. Let’s say that you are remodeling your master Bathroom and plan to replace the oversized garden whirlpool tub with one you actually want to step into and enjoy.

What is the best tub for your lifestyle, budget and space?

There are several choices, each with its own characteristics, from: soaker and stand-alone tubs; to whirlpool and air bubble tubs; to standard tubs, like those we use to bathe our kiddos or walk-in tubs for the elderly or those with limited capabilities.

In addition to tub types, there are many more materials to choose from these days. From traditional cast iron, acrylic, cultured marble, enamel over steel, to composite or even glass and wood. The type of tub will determine the material and placement in your room.

Remodeling the bathroom: The FAQ’s

No one ever uses the tub… Do I need to keep a tub in my bathroom?

This depends on several things. If you have a high-end home, most likely it is best to keep a tub even if you won’t use it. If you plan to stay in your home over 10 years, then you could remove it and enjoy the space. It’s hard to determine how the resale market will be in the future. Many of my clients who plan to stay in their homes and need more space will remove the tub and convert it into a spacious walk-in shower.

I hate my whirlpool tub and won’t even get into it…
What tub should I install?

Most of the time, the old whirlpool jetted tubs look dirty and women are uncomfortable with the idea of stepping into the tub. If oil or bubbles have been used in the tub or amounts of water were left standing, then the strong possibility of bacteria could develop.

I really like to relax in the tub…What is the best one for me?

The jetted tubs create strong bursts of shooting water which helps relax tired and achey muscles. These hit the body in the same places, so if you like the position of the jets, this works well. It may feel like a massage.

If you would rather sit and relax with a soothing overall sensation, then the air bubble may fit for you. Most of my female clients prefer the air bubble tub due to the lack of bacteria build-up and relaxation with a heater and continuous bubbles. The air tub is self-drying and is thus self-cleaning. Simply drain the air tub and turn on the jets until the tub is completely dry.

I like the look of the stand-alone tub. How pricey are these in comparison to other tubs


Often, my clients want to remove a tub and replace it with the stand-alone tub. What they may not realize is that it requires more space or at least space to move around the tub. The plumbing fixtures will be external (outside the tub) and there is not a place to sit down in order to enter the tub. They do look very pretty and updated. Depending on the tub choice, they may cost at least a third more than a drop-in tub with all the plumbing fixtures, tile and frame for the tub.

Just like all products these days, technology is playing a part in updating the bathtub. Below are just a few that you may see in the future.

The Latest and Greatest Tub Innovations and Features


Integrating the Sound Experience –

Some bathtubs project sound, such as Kohler’s “VibreAcoustic”, playing soothing instrumental music, allowing you to both hear it above the water’s surface and feel it below.

Chromatherapy (Light) –

The use of light will stimulate your visual sense and either energize or soothe your mood.

Like most decisions you make about your home, you want to research the best possible solution for yourself. So when its time to replace your tub, or remodel your bath, take a look at all the possibilities and you will find one that best fits your needs.
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