The Ultimate Guide for Choosing Best Plants for Baby Nursery

The Ultimate Guide for Choosing Best Plants for Baby Nursery

Some children have an inborn affinity towards flora. Indoor greenery is an excellent addition to your baby’s nursery. Additionally, when they start to mature, they will also get enthusiastic about science and gardening because houseplants need to be taken care of all year long and are relatively inexpensive and straightforward.

As parents, houseplants are also the top baby items: they are very affordable, which means that new ones can easily replace dead herbs or the ones that have met some mishaps.

Top 10 Plants for Baby Nursery

However, when it comes to choosing the best plants for baby nursery, you need to be very careful. You should always select flora that is trouble-free and not prone to shedding, leaf tipping, or pests. Here are some tips that can help you choose the right flora for your toddler’s room:

Spider Plant

The name, Spider Plant, is a common name given to several different types of house flora; however, it is most commonly referred to as the Chlorophytum omasum. The shrub is extremely easy to take care of and features grass-like leaves that range from pale to emerald green color. The indoor plants safe for babies are also an excellent choice if you are looking for something that aids in air purification as well. It does not require a lot of maintenance and can grow even in low-light conditions. It is entirely safe for your child and pets.


If you are looking for a large shrub for your child’s nursery, you can choose the Dracaena. It is available in a lot of different varieties, all of which are entirely safe for your baby’s nursery. If you want to include an exotic feel like an African safari room, then this is the plant that you need to choose. However, since Dracaena is not safe for animals, you cannot keep it in a household that includes pets.

Jade Plant

If you are looking for great succulents, then the Jade Plants are the best choice. If you keep them in the garden or a large enough container under the right weather conditions, they can also grow into large shrubs. Caring for this greenery is extremely simple; all you need to do is place them in a sunny area and pour water once a week. However, you need to keep a schedule; just water the shrub when you feel the top of the soil drying out. Let’s see more plants for the baby’s nursery.

Donkey’s Tail

Similar to the Jade plant, the Donkey’s Tail is a great succulent that needs minimum watering or care. Additionally, the plant for a new baby has also proved itself to be quite forgiving, even if you forget to water them. But, they need a bit more sunlight, so you should place them near a window. Additionally, they also tend to be gentle and break easily. The good news here is that any breakage will regrow automatically.

African Violet

As the name suggests, the African Violet is a native herb from Africa, which makes it a bit more challenging to take care of. It requires more light than other flora, but if you have enough patience, it should not be a problem. This shrub can be fitted and changed from leaf cuttings and have quite a long lifespan; this means that you will not have to purchase more than two at a time.

Boston Fern

Ferns are some of the trickiest shrubs, and some can prove to be slightly toxic for both humans and pets. The Boston fern is no different, and you will have to check the labels before purchasing them to ensure you are buying the right species. The fronds are long hanging, and the leaves are frilly, which is one of the reasons why they are so widely popular. These florae prefer cool locations with indirect light and higher humidity, thereby making it a perfect addition for your infant’s nursery. It is also one of the best hanging plants for baby nursery.

Nerve Plant, or Fittonia

The Fittonia are good plants for a baby room that loves shady areas and is perfect for terrariums and micro pots. This greenery can thrive ideally in low-light and humid conditions. You might have to maintain a misted environment to maintain a humid condition and maintain a well-drained soil. You need to water it moderately and avoid room temperature water; it can shock the shrubs.

Christmas Cactus Plant

Yet another child-friendly plant, the Christmas cactus herb is easy to propagate. It is entirely safe for pets and children and does not require a lot of maintenance as well. All it needs is loose and sandy soil and only needs to be watered once a month. It is also a magnificent flora if you want your kid to get into plants.

Blue Echeveria

The Blue Echeveria, or also known as chicks and hen, is a succulent that is native to the desert areas of Central America and Mexico. Because of its flower-like shape and bluish color, it is an attractive houseplant. While it requires a lot of sunlight to thrive, you do not have to water the shrub a lot. It is definitely one of the best greenery to keep if you are looking for something that can be taken care of with ease. Let’s now see the last of our plants for baby’s nursery.

Baby’s Tears

Baby’s Tears, or also known as Paddy’s wig, is a great flora to have for your baby nursery. This herb is safe for your kid and pet and known to produce small white flowers. The plant is originally from the northern Mediterranean and quite popular as a houseplant. Taking care of the shrub and maintaining it is not going to be a problem.


Fitting the best plants for baby nursery will breathe some life into it. Additionally, plants are also known as natural air purifiers. Hence, you can choose any of these plants mentioned above for your child’s room. What’s your opinion on these plants for baby nursery? Let us know in the comments. Maybe we will also learn about new ones!

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