Treehouses aren’t just a childhood haven anymore; they’ve grown up a lot. Much like us, they’ve become quite a bit more sophisticated. Treehouses are fun and that fun is no longer in the strict possession of the children. There’ll be no more “No Adults Allowed” sign tacked up on the door. The treehouse is now, more than ever, for everyone! If you’re considering building a treehouse make sure you’re really thinking about all the needs have in this space and make sure to balance it with your wants.

Classic Treehouse

You can obviously go the route of the classic treehouse. Sometimes all you need is a little place to go to get away from the noise of the day. There’s nothing like the traditional treehouse to create a space that’s perfect for allowing your kids the chance to explore their imaginations and keep their heads in the clouds just a little longer. A place that you can join them for sleep-outs, tea parties, and recreations of Swiss Family Robinson. The traditional treehouse started it all and a classic is a classic for a reason.

Modern Treehouse

You can go straight up modern with the treehouse these days. Turn it into a tech den; wired for connectivity and fun. There’s many a household entrenched in turmoil over how the common areas are used in the home. A frequent point of contention stems directly from frequent use of the family TV for video game play. Move it out to the tricked out treehouse and change the dynamic.

Whimsical Retreat

Maybe you just need a place to relax, a whimsical reading nook. A delightful place to sip some iced tea and listen to music. Not every treehouse has to be big and bold. There’s plenty of room for interpretation and for creating a space that’s perfect for you. You can apply this theme to the big treehouses and create your very on spa space or keep it simple and rustic and create a place that embraces the nature around it.

Office Space / Studio / Workshop

Home offices are becoming more and more of a necessity all the time. We have a greater population of people who work from home, freelancers, and small businesses that require a home office to keep connected when not on the worksite. Artists, therapists, hairdressers, and occupations that have frequently been done out of the home. Home offices are also the place you go to get the business associated with your home completed. Not having that space share a wall with the rest of the household could provide a much more conducive atmosphere for getting the job done and staying focused and on track. How cool would it be to merge the treehouse with your home office?!

Guest House

House guests can be a blessing and a curse. Visitors can bring us immense amounts of comfort and joy but no matter how much you love that guest you can begin to tire of them pretty quickly and as much as they like seeing you they’ll soon miss having their own space to decompress in. Turn your tree house into the ultimate guest house. Plumbing isn’t the same obstacle it was in the past and now you can create a room for your guests that gives them a unique experience all while keeping your visit perfect!

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