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Is Your Bathroom Used or Abused?

Just because bathrooms are built to be used and abused does not mean they will look beautiful and stylish forever. Nor will they withstand the constant water, soap scum and cleaning without deteriorating.

  • The grout in the shower or tub starts to break down, allowing water to seep through the cracks and run down the inside of the walls.
  • Mold and mildew can accumulate.
  • Water can wick up the studs, causing water-logged insulation, drywall and rotten wood.
  • Dark, hard-to-clean grout lines around the tile can form.
  • Homeowners think that the shower is dirty, when it is the mold showing through the grout..
  • Abrasive products deteriorate the grout, allowing more water to seep through, creating a bigger concern.
  • Loose tiles may appear.
  • A musty smell, damp drywall, carpet or baseboard may occur.

after-bath-1202-225x300                    before-bath-1202-225x300

How do You Solve this Problem?

If you notice cracked grout in the early years of a shower, the solution may be to clean out the grout and re-grout it. It will look beautiful and last for several more years. Here are your options:

  • Evaluate the situation and determine the best solution.
  • If re-grouting is the answer, this can be completed in a few hours.
  • Remodeling the shower may be the answer. The result would not only solve the problem, but also give you an updated, beautiful new shower.

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